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There is a technique called Asymya (a-see-my-ah). It is a healing technique that far surpasses anything that you’ve learned to this point. But it does require a willingness to be open to the depth and breadth of the possibilities... learn more...



Choice for Health, Center of Consciousness through Choice, is based on the principles of the Six Defining Statements of Existence as conveyed through the teachings of The Wonders.

Expressions and extensions of ourselves in existence are directly related to the choices we make in life. “Know Thyself” - Our greatest step towards self empowerment is the awareness that we all have free will and free choice.

It is not through attunement; initiation; activation; certification; preparation; alignment or surrender that moves us into balance. It is our ability to make choices that “allow” balance to exist in our lives. No one can affect, inflict, dictate, force or change us, without our consent. By becoming aware of what we “allow”, we can then choose to alter and shift our perspectives of what it is to “be” whole. It is not through the application of a modality that we are healed… but through the “choice” to do so.

We have chosen to keep this site simple… for without the complication of fear and judgment… so is existence. We have the ability to choose in every moment… and in so doing, we open ourselves up to limitless opportunities for countless experiences.


  • Love and appreciate yourself
  • Be honest with yourself
  • Express yourself truthfully
  • Know that you are abundant
  • Remember humour
  • Don’t forget to choose!!!

The Wonders

(Now in e-Article format)

"Asymya: Can We Really Heal Through Choice?

Download a free copy for your e-reader (Kobo, Kindle...)

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