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Where "Choice"

Leads to Discovery

Asymya is a "choice based" healing technique that connects us to energy beyond what humanity knows.

... a simple, efficient technique that provides an opportunity for choice, change and growth.

If chosen, Asymya will move you from a consciousness of fear to a consciousness of free choice... through a gentle, loving methodology. It won’t force you or fix you… it allows. With Asymya you have a tool of allowance... A tool to expand your existence through allowance.

Asymya is an energy of "oneness"... deeper and broader than anything you have experienced. It connects you to the inner part of everything that consciousness is. When you give yourselves permission to connect... nothing is missing. Here in lies the question... Will you allow yourself to know it?

From the outside Asymya may look like a simple package… from the inside, it’s a limitless gift.

Questions regarding Asymya

Even in its simplicity, Asymya may create a puzzlement for the mind and Ego. Click here to explore answers to some of the questions puzzled by the mind.

Find a Certified Asymya Practitioner

Click here to find an Asymya Practitioner.

"Asymya is that which connects everything to everything else. It is that which is and that which is not. It is that which allows and that which judges. It is in effect a methodology - if you want to call it that - that we have given to humanity to bring about a shift on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels - so complete, that free will and free choice manifests itself. But it must be done with the awareness of oneness within the self. The practitioner expresses the energy - the recipient must choose to use it - and to do so, it is done in oneness."

The Wonders

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