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Where "Wisdom"

Comes from Experience

Asymya combines the physical; mental; emotional and spiritual aspects of the Self to produce results that far surpass the limitations of the mind.

Questions regarding Asymya

How longs does a session last?

A session can last anywhere from 20-30 minutes

Can Asymya be used over distances?

Yes. It is of greater benefit to have the recipient aware of the intention to give Asymya. At present, the mind is still the most powerful influence on what happens to the self.

** If you would like to experience Asymya through a "distance session", please email us to set up an appointment.

Can I practice Asymya on myself?

Absolutely. The more often you use Asymya, the greater the benefit. The more you suspend the mind... the greater the opportunity for choice and expansion.

From the outside Asymya may look like a simple package… from the inside, it’s a limitless gift.

Does this technique work with the energy field?

"Far beyond it. We assure you dear friend, it can, if it is truly explored. It will surpass any healing technique presently, that has ever been expressed to the world. But it requires suspending the attachment of your mind. Be prepared for that."

What if you don't suspend the mind?

"If you maintain the mind - if you use the mind for judgment, then you have a limited perspective of the healing."

Could you call it universal energy?

"You could, but it's more about oneness and connection."

How is this connection brought about?


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In some other forms of healing, the healer feels that they are creating the effect.

"This is not the case. There is a ritualistic perspective attached to the methodology of Asymya, and it is necessary at this point for it does present that interconnection between the mind and the knowing. But beyond that, you must suspend the illusions of the mind."

Is Asymya related to any other healing technique or does it stand on its own?

"It stands on its own. Because within the simplicity of itself it is that which interconnects everything that is to everything that is. It is a simple technique that brings about the opportunity for choice. That's all it does."

The person performing Asymya on another individual, are they just the conduit of that energy?

"They're not even that. They are the oneness with the person it is being performed on. They are not separate and that's the key. You don't have any perspectives, you don't try to push anything towards the individual, you don't try to force the energy. The individual must choose freely.

Can you comment on the limitations of the healing modalities we now have, such as: Reiki, pranic healing, re connective healing, Quantum Touch, QiGong, etc..?

"The point is that when you create healing, regardless of the modality, what you are trying to do is you're trying to create an environment in which an individual can choose to heal themselves. The healing modalities that are out there, they are all designed to affect the ego of the individual practicing it rather than to create an effect on the individual that is getting it. That it does, in some cases, affect the individual getting it, is to the benefit of the individual.. that they chose to. They believe as strongly as the practitioner that they are capable of being healed. So one, believing strongly that they can be healed. The practitioner believing strongly that they can heal. The two come together and the resultant is. You do get results, but really, is it truly results or is it nothing more than a choice? and that's the key to understand."

So explore! play! have fun with it...and we will assure you. Asymya will change the world!"

** The above is a transcript of the description of Asymya given to humanity by "The Wonders"

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