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Where Love

"is" all of existence.

"For the leaf falling off a tree is as much a manifestation of love energy as two individuals greeting each other on the street."

The Wonders



The Defining Statements of Existence

The Wonders provide us with six interlocking statements that define the totality of all existence.

In this, their first in a series of books, The Wonders provide us with six interlocking statements that, in and of themselves, define the totality of all existence not only in 3rd dimentional reality but throughout every dimension and are intended to provide us with an opportunity for growth and understanding. In so doing, The Wonders impart a whole new way of looking at life: they literally define existence in a way that has never been done before.


Expanding The Understanding Of Chakras

The definitive book on chakras debunking many of today’s commonly-held beliefs.

Beginning with the seven main chakras, The Wonders lead us on an informative and comprehensive tour of these often misunderstood and under-utilized energy centers and – for the first time ever – introduce us to the higher chakras that lie beyond the first seven.


An Exploration of Health Perspectives

In this book, The Wonders explain how diseases have sprung up as a result of the deterioration of our food and water sources over the past century.

The Wonders also take us beyond the physical to explain the interrelationship of the emotional, mental and manifested spiritual and how an imbalance in any one of these aspects of our being can also impact the physical.


Steps to Success - A New Perspective

Jen Parkinson speaks about belief structures and their relationship to success.


Ask the Question...

An opportunity to ask any question... explore any topic... by going outside of yourself to walk the "real" journey. Do you choose to ask the questions to which the answers are unknown... and create a new consciousness... for yourself and for humanity?

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