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Where Empowerment

Comes from within

"You can expand the perception of choice by choosing to observe."

The Wonders


(Basic Instructional DVD)

This video gives a brief overview of how to use all three aspects of Asymya.

  • Physical (touch points to activate healing on the physical level)
  • Emotional aspect (how to move energy to clear emotional blockages)
  • Mental aspect (how to move energy to clear mental blockages)

** If you don't own a Kindle, you can download this free app from Amazon so that you can read it on whatever device you do have.

Asymya: Can We Really Heal Through Choice?

Existence is the reflection of our choices. It is through conscious awareness, that we may observe our own creations... without fear and judgment... and come to “know” ourselves as we truly are.

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How to Clap with One Hand

Tired of looking for answers to life’s most pondered questions? Then look no further!

Teachers, Gurus, Life Coaches and Healers have spoken on it... written about it... expanded on it and twisted it--but none have come close to breaking it down to its fundamental nature. Until now.

Our experiences in life are created by one thing, and one thing alone.

This book conveys that essential element... and takes you to the very essence of yourself via the most direct route.

How you perceive that route, and where you end up... is your choice.

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