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Where Experience

Comes from "Choice"

The limitlessness of Asymya can only be glimpsed at by the choices we make from moment to moment... it's entirety in all that we are.


There are many experiences available for us to explore if we choose... and expressions of those choices lead to limitless possibilities. To choose health, you must choose to love and appreciate yourself enough to know that it is not something to "strive" for. It is something we already have. All we have to do is "know" it... and allow.

"My first introduction to Asymya came during a study group I participated in in 2006. At that time, I had been looking for something to compliment my massage practice of 22 years. My hands were getting tired of the physical repetition... my joints needing to find an alternative to the constant mechanical stress. The vary word 'Asymya' sent an immediate wave of recognition through me. I had to know it. Two years later, I find the exploration more and more compelling. Have I noticed physical changes occur? Yes. Have I noticed shifts in my perspectives and belief structures? Yes. It's all a journey... an opportunity to expand, to choose and to know my own potential."

Marianne Kowalski

Below, are some of the experiences people have had with Asymya. There is no limit to the possible choices one can make... hence, the opportunity for change, growth and expansion follow suit.


Experiences with Asymya

"I started going through another extreme toxic release while doing a liver cleanse. Just before I felt myself starting to pass out, I tried Asymya. After one round I was pleased to find that my reaction to the toxins completely stopped. Instantly."

"I've tried it on headaches; menstral distress; back spasms; leg cramps and fatigue... all with amazing results. Some almost instant."

"I've used the "emotional" part of Asymya to help cope with Family Health issues. It's definitely helped to bring in a calm and put things more into perspective. Took that emotional "hysteria" edge right off."

"I use it daily. Sometimes I'll even do Asymya while watching TV - Which is so mindless. No focus, no direction from my mind and no interference."

"I've tried Asymya on a few of my clients and noticed immediate responses... though subtle. I could see breathing shift to something calm and deep. Saw feelings of well being following a treatment. Some clients weren't aware of what I was doing... just that I wanted to try something on them if they were open... they were. They all responded with some noticable shifts."

"Some people felt the physcial manifestations of energy moving through their body... at times burning sensations... sometime intense pressure in the head or a leg... all validating that something was indeed occuring."

"Most people feel an overall relaxation at the end of the session."

"I taught my Mother the "basic" points for working on the physical body. She's used it on my Father, who is very conservative. Ultimately these "treatments" would help him to relax and stimulate energy in his body, although at first he was adverse to having them. After choosing to "give it a try", he would fall asleep before the second move. He expressed feelings of "peace" and "tranquility". At times he felt as though he was floating... feeling detached from his body... like all his limbs were apart of him... but separate. He'd go on inner journeys that left him calm and grounded. Now he asks for the treatment on a daily basis... sometimes several times a day. He's dealing with "colon cancer" and has been scared and stressed. This has helped him through the worst of times."

Marianne Kowalski (Whitby, ON)

"At a workshop with The Wonders in august 2007, I was given a healing session by Marianne. The session was held outside. At the time I was experiencing a lot of frustration, anger, turmoil and stagnation. In fact I can`t remember much about the actual healing session, only the brightness and warmth of the sun, the mild breeze and the light touches on the body by Marianne. What I do remember is that afterwards I was able to communicate with myself in a different manner. The clutter was gone and a calmness and focus appeared."

Roar Skipnes (Norway)

"A number of weeks ago I started receiving Asymya treatments because I was under an extraordinary amount of stress. Each and every time this was done I could feel pressure on various parts of my body, i.e., head, chest and the lower bowl area as though a palm was pushing down. There was also a feeling that I can only describe as a magnet pulling on my legs from the knees down. I think I could say that this was a form of tension being pulled from my body. Upon completion of the treatment I always felt lighter and more relaxed. I look forward to more treatments because I know how much better I will feel."

Valare B. (Whitby, ON)

"I'm a retired Registered Massage Therapist, and have since been doing quite a bit of physical labor, especially over the last year. My shoulders were starting to bother me and I wasn’t getting many massages treatments, so I called my good friend Marianne and arranged for one. I usually feel “wasted” for 3 days after a massage, and set out to arrange my schedule to accommodate for this. Marianne massaged me for a long time working out the tension in my body. She had said she would do Asymya at the end of the treatment but we got involved in conversation and she forgot to do it. As expected, I was “wasted” after the massage. I had no energy and spent the rest of the day lying on the sofa. Marianne called and said she would do Asymya at 10:00 that evening from her home. Exhausted, I stayed on the sofa sleeping and reading. By 9:00 I was almost asleep, but the book I was reading was too good to put down and I forced myself to stay awake until at least 10. I had all but forgotten about Marianne and the Asymya. 10:00 came and went and I was suddenly aware that I had more energy. I continued to read until 12:30 that evening. I finally went to bed and much to my amazement when I awoke the next morning I felt wonderful, relaxed and pain free, without the usual waiting 3 days to normalize after the massage. I believe Asymya had been a very powerful and effective part of my swift recovery"

Cher Toal (Orono, ON)


"Trust me when I say that I am one of the most skeptical people around, but when you see someone you love in SO much pain, you open yourself up to anything that can help ease their discomfort and that is exactly what the Asymya technique did. I have never had the opportunity to have this technique applied to myself but was fortunate enough to learn a basic technique to relax people. As I placed my hands on my father, there immediately was a calming feeling that came over me. Not just him but myself. I felt an energy go through my arms and upper body that was a bit alarming at first but as I looked upon the peace that fell on him, it was all I needed to continue. The power that I felt in being able to do something like this for him was very emotional for me. It made me a believer. Wow!"

John K. (Vancouver, BC)

"To choose Asymya, for me, was and continues to be Opportunity to Expand my Awareness. Initially, I thought that it was a tool for healing the Body, Physically, Spiritually, Mentally and Emotionally. I now realize that it is much more.

Was I wrong with my initial concept of Asymya? No. I believe that at that time, that was my perception. Perception for me is not right or wrong. It just is what it is in that moment. Through Asymya, my Awareness has Expanded to not only alter and shift Who I Am in each and every moment; it has also encouraged Limitless Choice. I know in my very Being that I can do anything I choose and survive. For me right now, Asymya Is and I Am."

Jen Parkinson (Whitby, ON)

"Since beginning my explorations with The Wonders years ago, they have provided me with the awareness that has allowed me an opportunity to choose the true brilliance that I am.

Asymya is an aspect of existence that provides an oppourtunity for individuals to choose for themselves, to be that very same brilliance. Asymya is an opportunity that allows for the energy of choice to manifest itself. If individuals expore Asymya for themselves, they will open a door to unlimited possibilities for the self, and the world will benifit beyond what it presently can understand.

I use Asymya to access the true brilliance that I am. I use it to shift and alter the vibrational/geometric nature of myself so what is chosen can be reflected.

With Love and Appreciation."

Jeff Scarrott (Toronto, ON)

Asymya helps center me, eventually leading me to my own awarenesses around issues that I am exploring as they surface in my life. I tend to use asymya to help center myself and return myself into balance after being in paralysis from my own fears. There was a time this year when I had to accept just how much anxiety and stress I created for myself on a daily basis. That’s when I learned it is a helpful tool for centering and balancing the self quickly, in the moment. During that period, I eventually led myself to the awarenesses that helped me pinpoint and manage my anxiety.

I use asymya off and on for myself. Mainly, I’ve used it to help me work through my issues and I’ve used it to re-energize myself when my energy is low. I find it tends to help accelerate the intensity of the triggers I’m “working” on, allowing my issues to surface and further allowing me to deal with them. I was using asymya quite regularly through the winter and spring. I backed off as things started getting quite intense and I suspect this is exactly when I could have used asymya the most.

Sometimes when I’m out, I will give someone asymya without touching them. I visualize the points in my mind. I don’t know if it does anything, but I do it anyways. I don’t tell these people I do it. I just do it if I am compelled to. I have used asymya on my mother and her experience of her asymya session was one in which she felt a swirl of energy above her, go through her. She was quite peaceful and content after her session.

Aileen (Innisfil, ON)

After practicing various energy healing techniques over the past 15 years, I have found Asymya to be the most effective and efficient. I have been using it daily for almost two years now, and have found it incredibly centering and balancing. I have seen the results of Asymya measured with scientific equipment after I have done a session on an individual, and it is amazing. A colleague of mine who does energy healing recently has commented how ‘filled’ my energy was...and asked me what was I doing! I have found it to be the most allowing healing modalities, and the most powerful. And, it really does help on the physical, emotional and mental levels. One of my clients’ patterns was to get colds every month or so...and would seek me out when he was coming down with one. With the help of Asymya, he chose to not get sick each time. For myself, when I feel weak or down or frazzled, Asymya allows me to just choose out of it.

Angela Cheng (Ottawa, ON)

"I thought I would share my own experiences with Asymya. I took the basic course this fall and use it daily. I have found that when no drugs will get rid of my migraines, Asymya does the trick in about 15 minutes. If I'm tired during the day, a few minutes gives me a 'pick me up'. If I'm nervous or stressed, a few minutes calms me down.

How does this work? I know that it shifts the energy of the person. It is something that has to be experienced."

Melody (Toronto, ON)

"I am known as a skeptic. I do not believe anything or anyone before I try it for myself, even if I am told something by entities from the 29th dimension. When I say something works it is because it does. The thing I am 100% sure I have observed with Asymya is that it opens the door to more possibilities, that it allows me to see more ways that something can be done. From there, it is up to me to choose.

Some of the choices I have made I would not have made had I not used Asymya, because I would not have seen the possibilities.

As for cause and effect, you will be the judge of what was possibly “caused” by Asymya. Let us say that if I take the last 12 months, these are some of the changes I have observed : salary increased by 32%, got my dream car, relationship with my partner reached levels I never thought could be reached, moved to a house in a nice neighbourhood which is so peaceful it is frightening at times, saw people who I secretly “treated” suddenly decide to take better care of their health, or break habits I never thought I would see them break.

If you want to do yourself a favour, try to prove to yourself that Asymya does not work."

Frederic (Belgium)

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