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Where Awareness

Expands Consciousness

"The journey is not one of achievement, but simply one of uncovering."

The Wonders



I've been working in the Health and Wellness field for over 25 years. Initially trained as a Massage Therapist, my interests have graduated from a solely physical aspect of wholism, to a more energetic form and finally to a "choice" perspective.

My own search for meaning behind illness led me to explore numerous aspects of healing. From Reiki and Vibrational Medicine, to Ancient teachings and Thought Field Therapy, I've explored a vast array of information that is now becoming "re-conscious" in the masses.

The power of choice has become a constant theme throughout my journey, as well as the conscious awareness to let go of preconceived, outdated beliefs structures around my own limitations.

My aim is to teach people that "choice" is the empowering "key" to all aspects of our lives.


Although all of my working life has been in the Corporate Industry, my interest has always been in the Health field. Graduating from college as a Fitness Instructor, taking Correspondence Courses in Nutrition and constantly interested in my own health have led me to where I am today.

My interest is in “Wholistic” Health.

Physical. Mental. Spiritual. Emotional. All equally important. All pillars supporting our own personal structure.

It is only within the past 10 years that my own journey of discovery has really begun and it has been the ride of my life. The most exciting thing is that there is still so much to explore and discover. Each moment is a gift and Balance is the key.

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