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Where "Choice"

Comes in the moment

"Now, the key here to understand is this – When you observe, there is no necessity to move into the future, or into your past in order to observe. You observe always in the moment, as long as you observe without judgment. When you apply judgment to your observation, the movement will be into the past and into the future in relation to the moment."

The Wonders


Learn Basic Asymya

Those choosing to explore Asymya, must begin with the Basic Level, by either taking a "Basic Training Workshop" or by purchasing the Instructional DVD.

In this workshop, we will expand beyond the Instructional DVD by providing one-on-one guidance and hands-on experience to further your exploration of Asymya.

You will be provided the opportunity to ask questions, share experiences and practice this unique technique with a qualified teacher.

By the end of this workshop you will have experienced the "Basics" of Asymya through the exploration of it's three basic aspects. (physical, emotional and mental)

Schedule TBA

Advanced Training in Asymya

The Advanced Training will take you from your initial perspective of what Asymya is... to one that begins to broaden... exploring ways to expand it's use.

We will re-visit all three levels (mental, emotional and physical) with a hands-on review.

After completing Advanced Asymya Training, you will be able to use this technique more effectively on yourself and others as a "certified practitioner". You will have broadened yourself enough to go beyond the basics while continuing your exploration for the next level.

Prerequisite: All those choosing to take the Advanced Training must have been using Asymya for a minumum of 3 months... however, 6 months is preferable.

Schedule TBA

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